Trattoria Aroma

Visited Trattoria Aroma for the first time a few weeks ago for a late dinner. I’ve heard a lot about it, as it gets mentioned in “Best of” lists for having a good brunch in Buffalo and thus a good Bloody Mary. I wasn’t intending to have one, and didn’t have one with dinner but waited until after at the bar (with a bogo coupon!) It was mid week, since my work schedule is what it is, so I wasn’t sure they’d actually have a mix ready, but the bartender was happy to make one.


It was your standard bloody in a pint glass with 2 olives, lemon and lime garnish. I tried to watch her make it, but she was at the far end of the bar. I caught her using boxed tomato juice, and Frank’s hot sauce, along with pepper but then she added stuff I couldn’t see. It had a good spice level and liquidity, but it was disappointingly average for a place that is consistently voted as having the best brunch in Buffalo.

But I will give them a pass, because not long after, I read yet another review of Trattoria Aroma’s brunch where they mention their outstanding Bloody Mary – in fact a whole Bloody Mary menu! So it appears that their mid week Bloody is fairly standard, made with the ingredients on hand, but their brunch Bloody is great.

Alas due to working nights I may never find out. Now may be my only chance as I have weekends off for the next 3 months. I just need to find a buddy to wake up and go with me!

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