Panos has been a staple of the Elmwood Strip for over 30 years, initially as your typical Greek diner, with breakfast all day, and souvlaki and other Greek specialties. Several years ago they embarked on an impressive remodel, adding a 2nd story dining room, and classing up the decor into a pretty nice place. They still have breakfast all day, and Greek specialties, but now with a full bar and all different kinds of meals.

Having said that, I honestly did not have high expectations for their Bloody Mary. I just figured it would be really easy for them to phone it in and dump some tomato juice in a glass, since they’re a restaurant, and not a fancy cocktail lounge or anything like that. But I was totally wrong.


Served in a tulip glass and garnished with 3 olives, a lemon and lime, and a celery stick, it was surprisingly spicy. With clear pepper in it, it had a nice tomato taste and had a good liquidity. I didn’t notice any horseradish flavor, and it didn’t taste overwhelmingly like Frank’s Hot Sauce, so I can’t say where the spice was coming from. I was very impressed and would definitely order it again.

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