One fateful night out, tired of my standard vodka soda, I needed a new drink. My adult palate unable to handle sweet drinks anymore I had to steer away from the old standard juice and pop drinks, but where was I to go? And there rose the Blood Mary.

It might not have been my first one ever, but it started a revolution. It became my mission to find the best Bloody Mary in Buffalo, NY and the best ones anywhere I traveled to. It’s fun and delicious, it makes traveling even more of an adventure, and has taken me to restaurants and bars I probably wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.
About me: I’m a 30 something girl from Buffalo, NY. By day I’m in the casino industry, and I’m a photographer in my free time (although by the looks of my Bloody Mary photography you wouldn’t know it…I’ll just blame it on cell phones, poor lighting, and vodka!). You can visit me at http://www.saraettenphotography.com