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Bloody Snacks

I did some Christmas shopping at Premier Gourmet and Wines and came across these.


Tyrrell’s English Chips in Worcestershire Sauce and Sundried Tomato, and Lord Nut Levington Rebel Mary Peanuts, spicy bloody mary peanuts. My British friends had sent me some Tyrrell’s chips before in Sea Salt and Cidre Vinegar, when they sent me a crisps care package, so when I saw these I thought they would be good, even if they didn’t taste like a Bloody Mary. And I couldn’t resist the nuts when I saw them, but once I got them home, J mentioned we had tried them before. I sorta remember that now. Ah well, we get to try them again!

The chips have a very mild flavor, no spice, but are quite good. They smell nice and earthy. The peanuts just smell like peanuts but you can see they are coated in spices. They are spicy, but not overwhelming. There is a bit of a tomato taste to them but not that much. They’re tasty, and I’m typically not a peanut eater. If I’m not careful I could see myself eating all of them right now haha.

McClures Chips

Another one of my favorite things, potato chips!


During the NYC trip, walking by a corner store I stopped in to see what kind of weird chips they might have, and voila there they were. McClure’s Bloody Mary chips (and spicy pickle, and garlic dill – also purchased). I’ve been hanging on to them since, waiting to get together with my usual “weird potato chip eating” friend LeighAnne but schedules weren’t working out and I couldn’t wait anymore.

So here I am, live blogging! My first!

I wouldn’t say these taste at all like a Bloody Mary, but they are definitely spicy. They are spicier than most spicy chips I’ve ever had. They are definitely tasty, they have a bit of a pickle-y taste to them, since McClure’s is first and foremost a pickle company. There’s a lack of tomato flavor that is the biggest issue holding them back from having a definite Bloody Mary taste. But they are good. I’d buy them again if I saw them, because I’m a sucker for spicy.

Jason bought me several jars of McClure’s Bloody Mary mix but I have yet to try them as since July our work schedules have been super weird and we haven’t had much down time for cocktailing at home. He has several other mixes he’s collected for me to try as well, winter project? Too bad I’m the only one of our friends that really likes Bloody Marys or we could have a taste testing party.


Bloody Mary Crisps

Besides Bloody Marys I have a thing for strange flavored potato chips. I found these while on vacation in the UK in 2011, which is actually before my Bloody Mary search began. They just sounded interesting at the time. These were at the Lovibonds brewery in Henley-on-Thames which my friends took me to while I was visiting for the night. My facebook post said they were very good but honestly I don’t remember.