Dick and Jenny’s

I finally got a new phone! Hooray. I had been using a Motorola Mini, and I upgraded to an HTC One M9. I was looking forward to a new phone with a new camera, that hopefully would take better low light images, such as inside bars, while drinking Bloody Marys…

I finally got to try a new place and had my first official Bloody Mary of the year. I went out with my parents to Dick and Jenny’s restaurant on Grand Island, NY. Moving to Grand Island after Hurricane Katrina, they opened a New Orleans themed restaurant based on their previous restaurant in Louisiana. Mom and I decided to both try their Bloody Mary.

Served in a pint glass with a Cajun spiced rim, their Bloody Mary was garnished with a pickled green bean, pickled okra, lime wedge and a skewer of an olive, onion and…pickled grape? I just thought it was another olive until Mom pointed out it was a grape. What?? It definitely looked like a grape on second glance, the thought of it pickled grossed me out but she assured me they were good. It was not good. And when she ate hers, she said maybe it wasn’t a grape. It definitely did not have the texture of a grape, nor the taste. So we have no idea what it really was, but whatever it was, I did not enjoy it.

I set it up to photograph, and took several terrible photos with my new phone. ARRRGG. I’ve had it for about 2 months now, it seems to work decently, but I could not get a decent photo so I had to use my Dad’s iphone.

New Orleans Bloody!

New Orleans Bloody!

A bit watery, the drink had plenty of visible spice. The heat mostly came from horseradish, but it had a tad of some sort of hot sauce flavor to it. It wasn’t overwhelmingly spicy though, and there was no after burn. It had a good taste and was drinkable but not mind blowing.

Brunch tomorrow!

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