Dinosaur BBQ

For years and years the people of New York have raved about Dinosaur BBQ. Visitors to the cities along the interstate brought stories of the wonderful amazing Dinosaur BBQ, yet Buffalo, NY’s 2nd largest city, did not have a Dino. To experience the Dino, you had to get on the road, and stop at the closest Dino location in Rochester. People made special detours to eat at a Dino. The Dinosaur BBQ myth became as big as actual dinosaurs!

I like BBQ but I’ve decided it’s not my favourite, and I am not a good judge of what is or isn’t “good BBQ”. I’ve had Dino in Rochester, yeah, it’s good, I guess. It’s BBQ! To me it’s all the same. So when Buffalo did finally get a Dinosaur BBQ location in 2014, I was not one of the crazy people lining up for hours to get that in my belly. Since opening, I have gone a few times, most recently for a Geeks Who Drink trivia night.

Buffalo’s Dino opened in the theater district, in a former Universal Pictures vault, where they stored films. The restaurant is decorated rustically, but also with an homage to the building’s former use, with movie posters and props. The biggest disappointment about Dinosaur BBQ is that they don’t serve you a giant rack of ribs while you wait in your foot powered, stone car.

But I digress! We had already eaten dinner, so we only had drinks while we played trivia, and of course I went for their Bloody Mary.

*Velociraptor screech*…*T-rex roar*

The drink is served in a smaller glass, with a smoky spiced rim, and your standard lemon and olive garnish. The rim was really the best part of this pretty standard bloody. Spiced with Frank’s hot sauce, it had the vinegar taste you’d expect, plus maybe a little pickle juice as well. There wasn’t anything really special about it, so I added their Wango Tango habanero BBQ sauce.

Like most of the Bloodies I’ve had at BBQ restaurants I always expect something more, so they all end up slightly disappointing. There wasn’t anything wrong with the drink, it just doesn’t go far enough. Stick a rib in there (I don’t even like ribs!), or add your BBQ sauce, or other smoky additions. Skewer up some other BBQ meats, bacon, anything to set it apart from your plain old Bloody Mary.

Ah well. 14 teams were playing that night, the 2 of us reached as high as 6th before 2 disastrous final rounds, and finished 11th. Boo!! J did win a bonus question free drink though! Hurrah!

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