Mother’s Day Brunch…with no mothers

Happy Mother’s Day! Hope all the moms had a lovely day today.

J and I headed to brunch for the 3rd week in a row!! We checked another restaurant off the list, this time it was Betty’s. I have been to Betty’s a few times for meals, but never for a Bloody Mary, so the place had been on my list to revisit for a while. I was a bit nervous about how long we’d have to wait, given that it was Mother’s Day and all, but despite the many parties waiting, we were seated right away. Sometimes it pays to be only 2 people. That’s right, we went to brunch on Mother’s Day without either of our moms.

After several compliments on my David Bowie shirt, I ordered my drink, and found out they couldn’t serve me until after noon, which was 17 minutes away. I didn’t realize the Sunday time requirements for purchasing alcohol in NY applied to restaurants, especially ones that served brunch, but there you go. I had to wait 17 minutes for my drink.


Served in a pint glass for $7.50, the drink was garnished with a lemon, lime, onion, and olive skewer and a celery stalk. It was more liquidy than most, but had a good tomato flavor. It had a lot of visible horseradish and thus a significant horseradish taste, but it wasn’t spicy beyond the horseradish. I realized I have been forgetting to ask for my Bloodies to be spicy lately, so my guess is they add spice when requested. It was a good basic bloody, definitely drinkable.


I had my best meal of the 3 weeks in their “hangover cure” chilaquiles – a sort of Mexican egg lasagna – despite the fact we were taking my mom for Mexican for dinner. J had the waffles with strawberries special. Overall a nice yummy breakfast.

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